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Terms and Conditions


Welcome to the website. This website ( and all other social media pages and applications (Smartphone or handheld device) are subject to certain terms and conditions that are set forth below. These terms and conditions must be read and acknowledged as they are important for both us. They bring us to a legal agreement that protects your rights as our valued customer and our rights as a brand.


If you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions, Delivery and Payment methods Exchange/Return or any other policies, you are requested to contact our team via the contact information provided on our ‘Contact Us’ page on this website.

By using our website, you agree to the following:

  1. By using this website or placing an order, you hereby represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old, legally capable of entering into binding agreements.
  2. You will only use this website to make legitimate inquiries regarding the brand or place orders.
  3. You will not make any false, fraudulent orders. If we suspect that such an order has been placed, we shall reserve the rights to cancel the order and inform relevant authorities.
  4. You agree to provide us with your correct and accurate information, including your name, email address and other contact and bank details. Furthermore, you agree that we may use these details to contact you in the future. (Please read our privacy policy to know how we make use of your personal information)
  5. If you do not provide complete information, including all that is required, we may not be able to proceed with your order.
  6. You will not interfere in our website network system or attempt to use our website to gain unauthorized access to our network or any other computer system. In case, you are caught in any such action, we have the right to take necessary regulatory actions.
  7. You will not use this website or any other social media to communicate, transmit or post our material, pictures and other intellectual property to any other medium.
  8. You will not use this website to engage in unethical, illegal or criminal activities that otherwise violates any province, region, city, national or international laws or regulations.
  1. Service Availability

Orders placed through this website are only available for delivery to residential address and offices within Pakistan. At this time, we do not deliver to hotels, shops and educational institutions.

  1. How orders are confirmed

No order for any product exists between you and us, or in other words, is placed until it has been accepted by us and we send you the email or message of Order Confirmation. If you have not received any order acceptance message from us and your funds have been deducted from your account, we will ensure to accept your order or your funds will be fully funded.

To place an order, you will be required to sign up and follow the shopping process. Add products to your cart make payments through one of the payment methods and finalize the order by submitting. After this, you will receive an Order Confirmation email from us acknowledging that we have received and accepted your order.

All orders placed from this website must only be meant for personal use and not for resale purposes. Be Shah reserves all rights to accept or reject all orders. In case of acceptance, we will confirm your order by sending you an email that confirms that the product has been dispatched.

  1. Availability of Products

All products on the website are subject to availability and in case, the ordered product is not in stock, we reserve the right to give you information about substitute products that would be equal or higher in quality and value. If you do not wish to purchase the substitute product, you have the right to cancel your order and we will refund your amount.

  1. Refusal of Order

Be Shah reserves the right to remove any product from the website at any time and/or edit/remove any content/material on the website at any given time. Our team makes sincere efforts to process all order, but there may be a case, in an exceptional circumstance when we may require rejecting your order or refusing to process it despite sending you an order confirmation email. In the rare case, if this happens, we hold the right to this at our sole discretion and will inform you within the given time to avoid disappointment.

  1. Delivery

All orders placed will be delivered within 3-5 working days (In Karachi) and 5-7 working days (outside Karachi). While the team makes utmost efforts to deliver your order within the committed time, there may be an exceptional case which would lead to a delay. Possible reasons for delay could be:

  • Product customization as per order
  • Special product as per order
  • Unforeseen circumstances including city situations, weather conditions etc; or
  • Undefined delivery area

If during the delivery time, no recipient shows up to receive the parcel, the delivery representative will call on the numbers provided. If there is no response, the delivery representative has the right to leave the place. In this case, the delivery will be made again and additional delivery charges will be taken at the time of delivery.

  1. Unable to Deliver

As per the above clause in case there is no recipient to receive the order we will not hand over the parcel to any other place or to a neighbour. The delivery representative will inform on the number provided and the package will be returned to us.

Since we handle all deliveries ourselves, for all missing and lost packages, we will provide you with the details of the delivery representative so that you may contact with directly.

  1. Price and Payment

We ensure that the price quoted on our website and other social media application is accurate. If we discover an error or discrepancy in the prices, we will inform you the earliest and you can decide if you wish to continue with the order. In case, you do not wish to, we will cancel the order and make refund arrangements. In case, you come across a price discrepancy, it is requested you inform us and we will make possible compensation.

All processes are exclusive of shipping charges. The prices of our products may change at any time, without intimidating customers. The total cost of a product is the sum of the price of the product, the sales tax and delivery charges.

  1. Returns and Exchange Policy

Subject to the terms set below, Be Shah will accept only exchange of product. We do not have a return and/or refund policy unless/until the condition is as set in this document.  All products will only be exchanged if they are new, unworn, unwashed, unaltered and returned back in their original packaging with all the tags intact along with the original receipt. In case you wish to exchange your product, you must send an email requesting the size or color you wish to make an exchange for. Additional delivery charges will be taken when bringing the exchanged product. Clothing items will only be exchanged in size and color, not design. No jewellery product will be exchanged if it is broken.

Be Shah reserves the right to refuse any exchange request that does not meet the requirement set by the company and its representatives.

  1. Return of defected products

If the order received is not as seen on the website at the time of order, you are requested to immediately contact us (within 1 day) with the details of the product and description of the defect. We will examine the product and if your complaint is rights, we will notify you and make arrangements for replacement or refund. The process of refund or replacement may be completed with 30 days of the notification date or replacement or refund.

  1. Disclaimer

The use of this website and all other social media forums is entirely on visitor’s responsibility and risk. We at Be Shah disclaim all warranties, representations and endorsements. All efforts are made to provide you with accurate and complete information that is timely updated; however, there may be typographical errors or factual inaccuracies. Be Shah reserve the right to make timely changes with respect to the corrections or updates on the website

In no case will Be Shah and its founder, board of directors, officers, designers, employees, agents, or content or service providers be liable or accountable to you for any direct or indirect, accidental, incidental losses, damages or actions caused but not limited to negligence or arising from the use of this website or the inability or performance of this website, social media platforms, the content and material visible, including the anticipated profits and or loss of revenue, lost business, sales, employee, data or any other tangible or intangible in nature.

  1. Intellectual Property

All information, content, data, text, images, characters, artwork, videos, graphics, music, sound, software, and HTML used on the website are all property of Be Shah, and their suppliers, licensors, protected by patent, trademark and/or copyright under Pakistan and foreign laws. You are not allowed to use, download, delete, upload, modify, transfer, transmit, license or distribute any data or material from the website for your personal, commercial or public purposes, without our permission.  Be Shah reserves the right to make any changes for any reason or no reason on the website without giving any notice to you.  We have the rights to make changes in the rules, terms and conditions at any time at our sole discretion.

All material including designs, titles, phrases, product names, descriptions on this website are owned by Be Shah and remains our property. You hereby agree not to use or display Be Shah intellectual property in any form, any manner without our permission.

  1. Indemnity

By using this website, you agree to protect Be Shah and its team including directors, officers and employees free from all claims, liabilities and damages, including and/or any fees, incurring from your violation of our terms, or transmitting of any material or providing of any material or information on or through the website that breaches any this party claim or proprietary right.

  1. Security of information

To offer you certain services, especially, in order to complete your orders, you will have to fill out an online registration form, which requires you to give us access to some of your personal information. By using this website and by completing the online registration form, you hereby agree that all the information you provide to us is complete, authentic and true.

To use some of our services, you will have to make your account on the website secured by a password that you will keep. This password is your intellectual property and you are solely responsible for the use of or action taken on or under your password. Maintenance and confidentiality of your password remain solely your responsibility and you agree not to disclose your details to anyone. All actions and transactions that take place from your account will be fully your responsibility and you hereby release Be Shah from any and all liabilities related to such transactions or activities. In case, there is an unauthorized use of your account or your password, suspected loss or theft, you will immediately notify Be Shah. However, Be Shah holds no obligation to inquire about any action taken under your account or password, and will not be responsible for any loss as it is solely your responsibility.

  1. Delays not in Control

In case of a Force Majeure Event, Be Shah will not be liable or responsible for any inability, delay or failure to perform its services under an order you have placed. A Force Majeure Event may be any act, happening, event, non-happening or accident which is not in our control and includes the following (without limitation):

  • Any and all kinds of strikes leading to lockouts, and/or industrial closure (temporary or permanent)
  • Declared or undeclared war threat, terrorist attack or threat of terrorism, riots,
  • A natural calamity or a warning of natural disaster
  • Fire or explosion
  • Unavailability of impossibility to use public or private communication networks
  • Unavailability of impossibility to use public or private transportation means, including transport, shipping or fuel strikes or shortage, failure or accidents
  • Any governmental restrictions and/or regulations

During any Force Majeure Event, our services may be suspended till the event continues and we will require an extension of time to perform our activities and fulfil our commitments. While we will make all possible efforts to not let these events become a hindrance to our activities and find the best possible solution to continue our services, we may not have control over them. Be Shah however, will make sincere efforts to make every possible communication take place so that you (our customers) are kept updated and aware.

  1. Modification of the Terms

Be Shah reserves the rights to revise and make changes in these terms and conditions time to time without any prior notice to its customers. Your use of this website after modification in the terms and conditions abides your agreement to those changes automatically.

  1. Feedback and Questions

Be Shah looks forward to your comments, feedback and questions. Please feel free to write to us via the details provided to you on our ‘Contact Us’ web page.



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